Combine the Stigo with any other means of transport.

Take it on the bus, tram, train, car or even a boat. No gears, no experience needed, ideal in even the most chaotic traffic.

Folds in 2 seconds

Save space and pull it along like a hand luggage when on the go.

No parking needed

Keep the Stigo safe by taking it with you everywhere you go.

Charging available everywhere

Charge the Stigo from a regular outlet wherever you happen to be.

Go further and faster

Ride the Stigo for 15-40 km on a single charge while going up to 25 km/h.

Simplistic Nordic design and state of the art technology

Stigo’s ergonomic design keeps your weight equally distributed
between your arms, legs, and upper body while reducing pressure on your back.

Less stress on your muscles and joints due to the equally distributed bodyweight

Higher handlebar provides a relaxing position on the seat

Proper sitting position that supports the healthy S-shaped spine.

Reduced stress on shoulders and back due to the correct angles between your arms and upper body

Horizontal seat preventing you from slipping forward

A curvy seat designed with the human body in mind for ultimate comfort


  • Traveling short distances in an urban environment can be extremely time-consuming.
  • There’s only so much time you have to spare for sitting in traffic or waiting for the bus.
  • Don’t spend any more time on it that you actually should.

5 km trip

60 minWalk, Car, Bus

12 min Stigo

which equals to
320 hours
saved by Stigo annually

which equals to
320 hours
saved by Stigo annually

To a Green Future

The greenest commute is the one you never take at all. The dirties commute is the one by car.

In one year the world emits 33 billion tons of CO2. A single tree can absorb CO2 at a rate of 22 kg per year.

A regular motor vehicle emits 4.7 metric tons of CO2 per year.

The Stigo is completely zero carbon.

Building a bike requires 95% less energy than building a car does.

Choosing the Stigo will decrease your carbon footprint and help you do your part in making our planet little less polluted.