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Stigo is the fastest-folding, lightest and most convenient portable electric bike you’ll ever come across.
Fold and unfold it with incredible ease, ride it with pure joy, and take it with you anywhere you go.

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Why should I get the Stigo?

Stigo can be taken anywhere – inside your home, the office, bus, the subway, into cafés and restaurants. It even fits in the trunk of your car. It doesn’t require a parking space and you can simply just pull it along like you would a hand luggage.

Is the Stigo really the fastest-folding electric vehicle out there?

You can fold the Stigo in under 2 seconds and it’s still street legal. If you find one that is more compact and folds in even less time, we’d love to hear about it.

How fast does the Stigo go?

In most countries, regulations limit the speed of electric vehicles at 20km/h on the road and 6 km/h on the sidewalk. So, the fastest you can go on Stigo is 20km/h.

How can I charge the Stigo?

You can charge Stigo by simply plugging it into any standard power outlet. It takes about 3 hours to get it fully charged.

How far can I go with one charge?

Stigo standard model with one battery goes about 15-19 kilometers on a single charge. If you need a longer range, the Stigo+ with two batteries will get out to about 30-40 km per charge. The range also depends on the weather, terrain, your weight as well as riding style.

Can I pedal the Stigo?

No, you can’t. Stigo has a grip-twist throttle to adjust the speed.

Can I take the Stigo on public transport (trains, buses, subway)?

Yes, in most countries. If the Stigo is folded up, it takes about the same amount of space as a regular suitcase.

I broke my Stigo. What should I do now?

Don’t worry. Just take it to the same Stigo reseller who sold you the bike and they will take care of fixing it.

Can I adjust the handlebar or the seat?

There is no need for that. Stigo is designed in a way that allows the rider’s body weight to be evenly distributed which guarantees comfort and a reduced stress on muscles and back.

Where can I buy the Stigo?

Please see the list of our worldwide dealers here.

User Manual

Everything you need to know about Stigo and how to handle it.

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Stigo product comes with a 2-year warranty valid from the date of original purchase. The warranty is provided exclusively by the Stigo reseller and covers all Stigo products that are new and exhibit a material or production defect. All other parts and components shall be excluded from this warranty.

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